MultiChoice Kenya joins association to fight piracy

Eric Odipo and Fiona Asonga

African pay TV operator MultiChoice’s Kenyan unit has joined local industry association the Technology Service Providers of Kenya (TESPOK), an outfit created to lobby the Kenyan government to provide a regulatory and commercial environment conducive to investment in information communication and technology.

MultiChoice is the first broadcaster to joint TESPOK, with the stated aim of taking advantage of cybersecurity services offered by the association.

“We believe a key ingredient of our business’ sustainability and delivery of quality and accessible video entertainment to customers lies in having the right partners who understand the impact of various issues we encounter in our industry – and most importantly, that no single person or business can address some of these issues, like piracy, successfully on their own from a policy standpoint,” said MultiChoice Kenya managing director Eric Odipo.

“It’s imperative for us to work together to address issues as a collective therefore, for us, TESPOK is a strategic affiliation as the association has been actively involved in a number of pertinent initiatives in their efforts to influence policy formulation and implementation while also providing the much-needed industry guidance and reference in technology matters.”

TESPOK CEO Fiona Asonga said: “We remain committed to our mission of being the voice of Information Technology, influencing policy direction as well as addressing challenges faced by Technology stakeholders and providing guidance on resolution mechanisms. The strength of the association rests on its ability to be truly representative of the industry as a whole.”

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