Spanish viewers’ dissatisfaction with RTVE content grows

A significant tranche of Spanish viewers are not satisfied with the output of public broadcaster RTVE, according to a study by markets regulator the CNMC.

According to the watchdog, one in five Spaniards believe that RTVE’s channels lack variety and quality, with lack of quality in content cited by 56% of those who are unsatisfied as the major reason.

A lack of informative content was cited by 33% of those expressing dissatisfaction with RTVE.

Some 41% of Spaniards habitually watch the news content produced by La1, La2 and Canal 24h, a drop from previous surveys. Some 61% of Spaniars habitually view RTVE channels in general.

As elsehwere in Europe, older Spaniards are more likely to view the public broadcaster’s output. Some 76% of over 65s habitually view RTVE channels, compared with 30% of 16-24 year-olds.

Among households with children, some 38.5% said that the programming of RTVE kids channel Clan TV was varied and of quality, while 12% asserted the opposite. Among the latter, 53% cited a lack of educational and cultural content, while 46% cited the poor quality of content and 45% cited a lack of social and civic values in the content.

The CNMC surveyed 4,759 homes representing 8,880 individuals during the second quarter of this year.

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