ProSiebenSat.1 experiments with addressable advertising

ProSiebenSat.1’s digital marketing subsidiary, SevenOne Media International, has partnered with ad agency Pilot Hamburg to run an addressable TV ad spot trial in Germany.

For a period of four weeks, different ads were broadcast depending on where the viewer was based – for instance viewers in Cologne were not served the same ads as those in Hamburg during the same ad block.

The addressable TV spots were placed using IP targeting, which was based on the HbbTV 1.5 smart TV standard. SevenOne Media claims to have reached around 12 million TV sets with the addressable ads.

“Addressable TV offers many new possibilities for advertisers to address a TV station’s viewers more individually with their messages – for example, by means of targeting,” said Thomas Wagner, managing director of SevenOne Media. “This is just the start. Addressable TV spots hold great potential for our customers and for us at SevenOne Media.”

Pilot Hamburg’s head of audiovisual communication, Anja Liebig, said: “Addressable TV and particularly addressable TV spots are real innovation topics on the advertising market. This operation, primarily designed as a technology test, gives us great confidence that we will soon gain a powerful new tool here for further increasing the impact of campaigns for our customers.”

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