CDNvideo launches P2P solution 

Wangsu Group-owned CDN provider CDNvideo has launched own P2P solution for live streaming at IBC 2018.  

CDNvideo’s P2P solution was used by Russia Television and Radio (VGTRK) during the Moscow Victory Day Parade 2018 on May 9 and then used during the sport events that took place in Russia this summer. The P2P solution was eventually utilized by hundreds of thousands of viewers, according to CDNvideo.

The solution  uses an end-user devices store and forward HLS segments to neighboring end-user devices as peers via WebRTC.

Only peers with enough bandwidth between each other are connected, otherwise the end user device falls back to CDN to fetch the content, and the number of peers is monitored constantly, according to the company. One peer remains connected to a pre-set number of peers for redundancy.

Yaroslav Gorodetsky

CDNvideo’s CDN is used as a backup. The solution relied on adaptive bitrate encoding and a ready-made P2P player is provided by CDNvideo. The solution also enables the easy integration of a P2P module for third-party HTML5 players based an HLS.js open source library.

“CDNvideo’s P2P live streaming solution was the first choice for us, as we’ve been working together for years. CDNvideo team proved to be a trusted, flexible and diligent partner for content delivery. The innovations by CDNvideo have always helped us to save more and earn more. We’ve been using their P2P solution for almost half a year and been able to save a lot on CDN costs. We expect to get even better results in future, as more and more Internet viewers switch to Full HD and 4K content,” said Marat Akhmetzhanov, director of the internet department, Russia Television and Radio.

“Expanding to P2P space is something natural for a CDN company that already has a CDN and an HTML5 Player on their portfolio. We’ve developed our P2P solution embracing all the best practices of the industry. We also understand that we need to motivate broadcasters around the world to give our technology a try, so we give away a certain amount of free CDN traffic to any new customer who is ready to test our P2P solution,” said Yaroslav Gorodetsky, CEO, CDNvideo.

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