NOS launches kids app

Portuguese cable and pay TV operator NOS has launched a new kids app. The app, which will provide a “safe and friendly” environment for younger children to watch NOS programming, will initially be available for iOS and Android devices, with a web version to follow.

NOS said the app would provide access to thousands of movies, series and other kinds content via a single entry point. The app is aimed at pre-school kids and kids up to the age of 12.

Parents have the ability to set a profile for their children via the app, ensuring that they only have access to content that they deem appropriate. Each profile is associated with an avatar, with information about the age of the child determining what content they can access.

The app can be navigated via icons aimed at those who are still too young to be able to read text. Access to paid content is only available via a PIN code set by parents, as is the rental and purchase of Videoclube movies.

Children who use the service will have access to cartoons, movies and series broadcast across a range of channels in the previous seven days, along with subscription services such as NOS Play, NOS Mini Play and Disney On Demand. They also have the ability to pause content they are viewing on-demand and return to it at a later date via a Watch Later feature.

The app will be available for free over the summer and subscribers to the operator’s NOS 4 and NOS 5 plans will have traffic via the app zero-rated as part of their subscription.

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