Digital Catapult and Arts Council fund five VR and AR projects

Digital Catapult and Arts Council England have selected five projects that will receive further funding from Creative XR, a programme to support the development of VR and AR products in the creative industries.

The five projects will receive a total of £350,000 in funding and will also receive support from a range of creative technology and cultural organisations. The move follows a first round that saw 20 teams develop prototypes.

The funded projects are: Fatherland by Limbik; Immersive Histories by All Seeing Eye; Municipal Dreams (working title) by VR City; Traitor by Pilot Theatre, York; and When Something Happens by Boom Clap Play. More details can be found here.

“It’s imperative that these projects receive proper funding and support, or we risk them failing to reach fruition and the benefits to the UK’s creative sector being lost,” said Jeremy Silver, CEO, Digital Catapult.

Francis Runacres, executive director of enterprise and innovation at Arts Council England, said: “Each of the five organisations are developing cutting edge, immersive content, and are illustrating what the UK can contribute to this growing global market. In time, we look forward to audiences enjoying the immersive experiences that they are creating; connecting with art, history and culture in ground-breaking new ways.”

Digital Catapult is a UK-based digital technology innovation centre focused on driving the early adoption of technologies to make businesses more competitive and productive, and to ultimately grow the country’s economy.

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