Ukraine’s Volia adds new channels

Ukrainian cable operator Volia has added a channel dedicated to Ukrainian series and movies and Viacom’s Spike to its line-up of TV channels.

Bolt provides content from the domestic production of Film.UA Group and Star Media studios, aimed at a middle-aged male audience.

The line-up of series on bolts includes Nyukhach, Shuler, Balada pro Bombera, Kulʹt and Volodymyrsʹka, 15.

Bolt will be available as part of the Optimum package and will also be included in Volia’s Cine+ VIP package.

Spike, a brand that is being phased out by Viacom in some markets, will offer shows such as Sherlock, Fargo and Medici: Masters of Florence.

Spkke will be offered as part of the Optimal package and above.

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