German startup GiaX joins MoCA

German network access startup, GiaX, has joined the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) as an associate member.

Bavaria-based GiaX develops products for network access using coaxial cabling and plans to integrate the MoCA Access standard into its cable operator-targeted 10G Ethernet HFC overlay product portfolio.

“Operators are developing the next generation of their networks that will use technologies such as DAA (Distributed Access Architectures) and FDX (Full Duplex DOCSIS), resulting in the need to reduce service group sizes,” said Jörg Hellwig, CEO and founder of GiaX.

“The combination of our HelEOS solution and the MoCA Access standard provides a powerful and complementary tool for MSOs (multiple system operators). The MoCA Access standard provides the performance and low latency required by operators as they continuously enhance their networks.”

MoCA President Charles Cerino said: “Our technology and the ongoing policy of the Alliance has always been to work with startups to foster innovation and creative products using MoCA technology standards. We are excited to have GiaX join the alliance and look forward to the innovation they will bring to the Access effort.”

MoCA is an industry standard consortium developing technology for home networking and broadband access. MoCA technology runs over the existing coaxial cabling.

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