French viewers still value digital-terrestrial, says TDF

Almost seven in 10 French people – 68% – of the population use digital-terrestrial TV, either direct to a TV or via a DTT set-top box, according to statistics compiled by IFOP for transmission services provider TDF.

Some 34% of those surveyed said they used DTT as their primary means of viewing TV on the main screen in the home without the use of a hybrid IPTV box. A further 29% said they subscribed to an ADSL or fibre TV offering but had connected their TV or box to a terrestrial aerial.

The remaining 5% have connected a secondary TV set in the home to DTT.

Among ADSL broadband customers, some 61% have connected their box or TV to a terrestrial aerial, while 55% of fibre broadband customers have done the same.

Users of DTT cited simplicity of use, reliability, the fact that DTT is free of charge, and the number of channels available as reasons to use the service. The fact that the service  is free was the primary motivation to choose DTT.

Some 62% of those surveyed said it was important to be able to receive TV via an aerial in their home, with even 60% of 18-24 year-olds saying the same.

“Once again this year, the IFOP study confirms the relevance of the DTT platform, essential and irreplaceable for the French. Over 18 months, attachment to DTT has remained constant. With its customers, the channels and players in the audiovisual world, TDF is, even more in the context of innovation, the favoured technology partner to accompany the evolution of uses of the service of digital coverage of the national territory,” said Olivier Huart, TDF’s CEO.

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