Turner uses Accenture platform for Filmstruck, Cartoon Network TVE

Turner is using the Accenture Video Solution platform to help manage and operate some of the its online video services – including Filmstruck Curzon in the UK and Cartoon Network TV Everywhere (TVE) in Asia Pacific.

The Accenture Video Solution is a cloud-based, open platform that integrates digital video management, distribution and monetisation. It is scalable and adaptable, letting Turner integrate components from the platform along with proprietary and third-party solutions.

“We are reimagining television by taking a fan-centric, technologically innovative approach to deliver high-quality experiences to our audiences wherever and whenever they choose,” said Aksel van der Wal, executive vice president, digital ventures and innovation, international, Turner.

“With Accenture’s flexible video solution, we are continuing to evolve our OTT app development platform and are well-positioned to deliver a wide variety of experiences to a much broader audience.”

Sef Tuma, Accenture managing director and digital video lead, said: “Because we’re developing [an] open cloud-based Accenture Video Solution, and providing accelerated delivery services, Turner has the ability to launch multiple brands and services globally on top of it, ultimately giving consumers access to the best content across a variety of platforms.”

Turner, in partnership with Warner Bros, announced plans at the start of the year to roll out its US subscription video-on-demand service Filmstruck internationally, starting in the UK.

The service went live in the UK in January where it launched in association with cinema brand Curzon. Filmstruck draws primarily on the Warner Bros. library and the Criterion Collection library, as well as other global and local content partners.

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