Tricolor TV launches 4K UHD TV movie channel

Russian pay TV provider Tricolor TV has launched a 4K UHD TV movie channels.

The Ultra HD Cinema channel will offer a variety of films in 4K UHD and is one of the first channels in Russia to offer Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

The channel is available in the footprint of the Express AMU-1 and Eutelsat 36B satellites as part of Tricolor TV’s Ultra HD package.

The addition of Ultra HD Cinema follows the launch of a trio of new channels by the Russian pay TV provider at the start of May.

Tricolor TV added news and information channel NNT to its main package on May 3. The channel has a focus on Dagestan and the North Caucasus region of Russia.

Also joining Tricolor TV’s line-up was M-1 Global, a dedicated martial arts channel featuring fight tournaments, interviews with mixed martial arts starts, documentaries and other programmes.

Tricolor TV also added adult channel Playboy TV to its line-up. The channel, broadcast via Express AMU-1, Eutelsat 36B and Express-AT1, is part of the operator’s Night package.

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