eMarketer: Spanish TV ad market set to dip

TV’s share of total media ad spend in Spain will decrease from 39.3% to 38.5% between 2018 and 2022, according to eMarketer predictions.

The research firm predicted the decline will be faster than it had previously forecast in September 2017, “mainly because advertisers are spending more cautiously due to the political instability in Catalonia.”

At the same time the eMarketer predicted that digital’s share of the Spanish ad market will grow from 29.3% to 33.1%, reflecting a wider shift in consumer media habits.

“Digital channels make up an increasing amount of Europeans’ media time, and advertisers are starting to catch up,” according to the eMarketer report.

“The shift is especially apparent in Spain, where both consumers and advertisers have been particularly slow to transition from traditional to digital media.

“Though we still expect TV to be the country’s largest ad medium throughout the forecast period, digital is closing in as consumers move steadily from linear to digital video viewing.”

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