Ziggo tests 4K set-top box

Ziggo has confirmed that it is testing a 4K media box, following reports that the box will run apps including Netflix and have a voice remote control.

Dutch technology news site Tweakers first reported that Ziggo is running a closed test on the box with a small group of users, with a public test likely to follow.

According to the report, the box will be more compact than Liberty Global-owned Ziggo’s current Horizon box and will have a simplified remote control that features a home button to activate voice control and no keyboard.

A spokesperson for Ziggo confirmed to DTVE this morning that a small-scale test among Ziggo employees on the box is currently being carried out in the Netherlands.

“In general, we are always investigating new products and innovations,” said the Ziggo representative. “In the future, we also want to use this test results into the products and services that we offer.”

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