FC St Pauli taps technology firms for new sports video platform

German football club FC St Pauli has launched an online video service for its fans using technology from TeraVolt and 3 Screen Solutions.

The Hamburg side has deployed the Jupiter sports video platform from TeraVolt, using 2 Screen Solutions’ 3Ready front end to provide live audio broadcasts of matches with live graphical simulations, an on-demand searchable archive or matches, the enhancement of match footage with markers of match highlights and team data such as performance, dominance and goal probability, individual highlight clips and press conferences, interviews, training reports and background clips.

The Jupiter platform provides scene detection functionality that enables viewers the ability to watch all highlight scenes in a sequence, access all video of a particular player across the season, or select and watch all scenes involving players of a certain nationality.

The platform also provides individual dynamically updated ratings for each player on the field, based on position and performance and can use metadata and visualization software to illustrate relative team performance via onscreen graphics.

A live onscreen animation feature enables the service to show player positions and ball trajectory which, combined with a dedicated online radio stream, supplements rolling text-based ticker information with additional visual content, according to 3 Screen Solutions.

The company said that further Jupiter deployments with top Bundesliga clubs are imminent, while TeraVolt and 3 Screen Solutions are also in discussion with international sports clubs, national sports associations and worldwide governing bodies to secure deployments elsewhere for team-specific and sport-specific multiscreen TV offerings.

“With Jupiter, together with 3SS we are offering an entirely new class of video platform for sports broadcasting. Our goal for Jupiter is to provide an end-to-end solution to enable sports teams of all kinds, like FC St. Pauli, to more powerfully engage with their fans via multimedia services that deliver deeper viewer appeal and traction, meanwhile benefitting from maximum operational flexibility,” said Tobias Kunkel, managing partner of TeraVolt.

“We are excited about the potential of Jupiter to make watching and following sports more immersive and exciting for viewers on whatever device they choose.Through our partnership with TeraVolt, and with the capabilities of 3Ready, we are collaborating to create state-of-the-art technology that delivers next generation services for subscribers,” said Kai-Christian Borchers, managing director of 3 Screen Solutions.

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