French overseas territories viewers adding digital to TV habit

Inhabitants of France’s overseas territories and departments are increasingly turning to digital media alongside TV and radio, according to a study by French audience ratings agency Médiamétrie.

According to Médiamétrie, some six in 10 internet users in French Guiana, the Antilles and Réunion watch at least one TV programme a month on catch-up TV via multiple screens.

Some 85% of inhabitants of these territories are connected to the internet, with internet users subscribing to three social networks on average.

An average of over 80% of inhabitants of the overseas territories and departments view TV every day, amounting to 1.7 million people aged 13 and over in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean territories.

Some 87.4% of the inhabitants of Martinique watch TV each day, as do 86.7% in Guadeloupe and 91.4% in Mayotte. In Martinique and Guadeloupe, people watch an average of five hours of TV a day, higher than the metropolitan French average of four hours 45 minutes.

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