Vodafone Spain launches smart home offering

Vodafone España has added a smart home offering to its all-in-one quad-play service spanning fibre, mobile and TV.

The V-Home service includes a Safety Starter Kit, enabling users to know what is happening in their home and allowing them to receive alerts.

The pack includes V-Home Hub SmartThings, a device similar to a router that acts as the central hub for the service, a video camera and up to 14 days of storage of video to a limit of 10GB, a multifunction sensor and an alarm.

The service element includes V-Home Monitor, which allows users to monitor their home remotely via an app, V-Home Alarm Assistant, providing warnings via the app when movement is detected, and V-Home Video, enabling users to view their home live via the app and to access cloud video recordings remotely.

The V-Home service will be available at now extra charge to Vodafone One Fibre customers 1Gbps internet and 300MB of data. Vodafone One Fibre customers with 120MB will have access to the new service at no extra charge for one year, while 50MB customers can access it for an additional €7 a month.

The cost of the starter kit is €29.90 plus a monthly fee of €11 for 24 months.

Other kits available as optional extras include a motion detection kit for €109.90 and a home automation kit for €99.90.

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