Samsung launches episodic VR pilot season

Samsung has launched an initiative called Pilot Season, designed to encourage the development of episodic virtual reality content for the Samsung VR Video service.

Pilot episodes for six original series have now gone live on the Samsung VR Video service on Gear VR, with the content produced using grants provided by Samsung.

The Gear VR headset maker also offered indie filmmakers the chance to use its 360 Round camera as part of the scheme. Samsung launched the camera in October and it uses 17 lenses to capture 3D and VR content.

Samsung said Pilot Season builds on its efforts to expand VR content offerings and drive growth within the independent VR filmmaker community.

The pilot content includes: design series &Design by Sibling Rivalry and Curious Octopus; sci-fi comedy series Bro Bots by UK VR studio Breaking Fourth; and Sigmund Freud-inspired The Interpretation of Dreams by Graham Sack and Sensorium.

The other three pilots are: futuristic adventure saga Lightcatcher by Occupied VR and RSA VR; virtual Easter egg hunt Sam’s Surreal Gemsby RSA VR and Hey Wonderful; and Voyages – Pilot, a VR animation that takes viewers from birth to death by Kaleidoscope.

The VR episodes are available on Gear VR with a compatible Samsung Galaxy device such as Galaxy S9 or S9+. For more info about the pilot episodes click here.

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