KPN launches new TV app as content portability kicks in

Dutch telco KPN has launched a new interactive TV app with a new design and added functionality. The launch of the new app also comes as the EU mandates content portability for paid-for TV services, enabling subscribers to view the services they pay for while travelling temporarily abroad within the EU.

The new KPN app makes it possible for subscribers to view content from the last seven days direct from the TV guide and allows them to view TV or on-demand content on a large TV screen through Chromecast support.

When a Chromecast device is connected to the same WiFi network to which the interactive TV app is connected, a Chromecast icon will automatically appear within the app, allowing users to connect immediately to their Chromecast.

In line with the new portability rules, the KPN app can be accessed in all member states of the EU.

Other pay TV providers have also announced the availability of their on-demand services across EU frontiers as the new rules come into play. Last week , French pay TV operator Canal+ said that its MyCanal service would be available across EU frontiers.

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