24i Media acquires Vigour

Netherlands-based streaming technology provider 24i Media has acquired multiscreen video platform provider Vigour in a move that it says will enhance its leadership position globally and accelerates its innovation and growth.

24i’s module-based technology framework allows broadcasters, operators and media companies to create and launch personalized streaming services on all screens, according to the company.

Martijn van Horssen

The acquisition will result in a combination that will enable the creation of an integrated set of flexible products for creating cross-screen, personalized Internet TV applications, better positioning 24i to help companies rapidly develop OTT business models and capture new revenue streams in the market, the company said.

“Reaching consumers regardless of the devices they use is crucial in securing their long-term business. The more devices they use, the more hours of content they will consume, and the more value they will gain from their subscription. In pursuit of these goals, the rate of innovation has accelerated considerably over the last few years,” said Martijn Van Horssen, CEO at 24i Media. “Our acquisition of Vigour strengthens our ability to lead this innovation curve and provide attractive, cutting edge applications that empower our customers to deliver immersive experiences for their subscribers across any device.”

Horssen said that the acquisition fitted with 24i’s strategy to deliver valuable outcomes to our customers and to extend our leadership in the expanding market for personalized cloud TV and video app technology.

“At Vigour we have always worked from vision and content. We are enormously driven by innovation to push the boundaries in the way we deal with technology and media in our daily lives. The acquisition by 24i offers us the opportunity to pursue this shared vision together with much more power, resources and scope,” said Ramon Duivenvoorden, CEO at Vigour.

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