Canal+ softens on payment for TF1 enhanced TV services

Canal+ has confirmed that it is “progressively” renewing the distribution of TF1’s free-to-air channels.

The pay TV outfit said it had taken the decision “having confirmed that the distribution of free channels will stay free, and that only complementary services [such as catch-up and startover TV] can be pay”.

Canal+ said that it would re-commence distribution of the entirety of TF1’s channels on ADSL, fibre and the internet.

As far as the TF1 enhanced digital services are concerned, Canal+ said it was “inclined” to start talks with TF1 Group over providing remuneration for these services “on a fair and non-discriminatory basis” on the lines with deals signed between the broadcaster and other operators.

Canal+’s move follows a demand by the French ministry of culture that it re-commence distribution on the channel to free-to-air TNT Sat satellite homes, 1.5 million of which cannot receive TV signals from other sources.

Canal+ earlier last week resumed distribution of TF1’s services to all satellite subscribers, including TNT Sat homes.

The pay TV broadcaster’s move also follows the striking of a deal between TF1 and Orange for the carriage of the former’s services. The pair had previously been at loggerheads over Orange’s refusal to pay retransmission fees, with TF1, taking legal action to prevent the IPTV operator from redistributing its services.

Separately, TF1 has named Maylis Çarçabal as director of communication and brands. Çarçabal replaces Frédéric Ivernel, who is leaving the group. She is currently director of communication for content, information programming and digital.

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