TDC makes content portability a reality with Telmore Play move

Danish telco and cable operator TDC is to make its Telmore Play on-demand service available to viewers throughout the EU from April 1, when new EU rules on trans-frontier content portability come into force.

TDC said that it would make all entertainment services available across Europe, including TV and movie streaming to mobile devices.

The EU has so far restricted enforcing content portability to news and current affairs programming, following decisions by the European Parliament and Council that fell short of more far-reaching changes demand by the European Commission.

TDC said that Telmore Play customers would be able to stream HBO Nordic, TV 2 Play, CMORE and My Bio content across EU frontiers from April.

Jens Grønlund, director of Telmore, said that Play customers would be able to enjoy all their entertainment packages anywhere in the EU. The service will also be available in Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein.

Users will also be able to access the Telmore Music, Flipp and Bookmate e-reaching services.

Viewers will be able to access their packages for up to 30 days at a time outside Denmark. They will be able to access the content again for the same period after returning to the country between trips.