Lattelecom taps AI to analyse TV ad views

Latvian telecom operator Lattelecom has tapped technology outfit Apply to develop an analytics tool for online TV advertising and audiences across the country.

The Claara analytics tool collects data in real time from over 220,000 Latvian homes, providing data for advertisers that can be accessed via the portal.

Lattelecom describes Claara as an artificial intelligence solution that can independently identify ads on TV channels, seek out similarities with other ads and link them to a specific industry. The tool can recognise ads in multiple channels simultaneously.

Until now, TV ads have been analysed from a sample of about 400 Latvian households.

Krists Avots, Lattelcom’s corporate affairs director, said that the ocmany had been working on AI solutions for some years, adding that Claara would ensure more accurate and faster processing of TV data.

Users of the portal can check ad views, compare with competitors’ views and check the number and frequency of views at different times of the day, the company said.

In other Lativan news, Lattelcom rival and cable operator Baltcom has added two music channels from Viacom to its programming line-up. The operator has added MTV Live HD and VH1 Europe to its packages.

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