JW Player taps SpotX for new ad platform

Video player provider JW Player has teamed up with programmatic ad technology outfit SpotX to launch Video Player Bidding, a new product that is designed to simplify ‘header bidding’ whereby publishers can simultaneously garner bids for ad impressions from multiple demand sources at once, before calling the ad server.

According to SpotX, which will be JW Player’s exclusive partner for the platform for the first 12 months, Video Player Bidding streamlines the header bidding process by combining JW Player’s global publisher footprint with SpotX’s advertising technology solutions.

Any eligible publisher that uses JW Player and meets SpotX’s brand safety and verification requirements can benefit from Video Player Bidding, according to the pair.

Sean Buckley

By integrating directly into the video player, ad decisions are made on the server-side before a viewer hits play, reducing latency, and leading to higher fill rates and greater ad revenue, according to SpotX. Buyers can also access video metadata such as content data before they bid.

“JW Player develops leading-edge software for the world’s top publishers and content creators. When we developed the Video Player Bidding product, we surveyed the market to find a market-leading partner who could bring significant, immediate demand to our publishers and chose SpotX. We are excited about the value that this will unlock across the ecosystem,” said Brian Rifkin, co-founder and SVP, strategic partnerships of JW Player.

“We firmly believe that close collaboration and joint development between two video-first technology companies is exactly what the industry needs, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with JW Player’s talented team. Publishers will finally have a more efficient header bidding solution for video, and will be empowered to monetise effectively without the hassles they may have experienced in the past,” said Sean Buckley, chief revenue officer.

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