Xstream launches live video streaming tool

XstreamOTT TV technology specialist Xstream has launched a live video streaming tool that it says enables service providers and broadcasters using its MediaMaker OTT/VOD platform to offer live video streaming of events such as concerts, festivals, sports events and conferences.

The live streaming tool is an extension of the company’s MediaMaker OTT cloud platform and supports live channel streaming, live event streaming, live stream to video-on-demand conversion and video-on-demand to live stream conversion.

The live channel streaming module fetches live streams from defined sources. It supports adaptive streaming, while an electronic programme guide provides information on each individual programme such as playout times and parental control grading and can be fetched from third party remote services or constructed on the MediaMaker backend system, according to Xstream.

Several live stream monetisation options are provided such as pay per duration of time and pay per event, the company said

A live event streaming module provides operators the ability to schedule streamed live events at a specific time for a certain duration. According to Xstream, the cloud-based system dynamically reserves the required infrastructure capacity and removes all the resources once the event is over.

A live-to-VOD module enables recording of live content into catch-up segments for later video-on-demand viewing. The catch-up content assets are stored in a MediaMaker catalogue and can be exploited just as with any other media asset, according to Xstream.

The technology also supports catch-up, time-shift and startover with a rolling buffer, alongside catch-up with archiving in the VOD catalogue.

The VOD to live module meanwhile allows operators to construct live channels from video-on-demand content assets stored in the catalogue, according to the company. MediaMaker provides an EPG editor and live source editor for configuring live media streams.

“Viewers today spend more time watching live streaming events compared with standard video content and that can only rise,” said Jacob Barlebo, Xstream’s sales and marketing director.

“This tool enables our global customer base of service providers and broadcasters to tap into this booming market and offer viewers the highest quality live streaming content.”

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