Net Insight nominates new chairman of the board

Media transport company Net Insight has named former Ericsson executive Gunilla Fransson as its preferred successor for outgoing chairman of the board Lars Berg.

 Gunilla Fransson

Gunilla Fransson

Berg, who has been chairman for the past 17 years and a Net Insight board member for 18 years, is due to step down at the company’s next annual general meeting on May 8, 2018.

Net Insight said it will propose Fransson, who has been a Net Insight board member since 2008, to take over the post, which will be elected at the AGM.

Fransson has more than 20 years’ experience in the telecom sector, formerly holding several senior positions in the Ericsson group. Up until 2016 she was also a member of Saab’s management.

“Lars Berg’s contribution for Net Insight during his 18 years on the Board and almost as long as the chairman cannot be emphasised. His broad experience has been extremely valuable for Net Insight’s development into the company we see today,” said the chairman of Net Insight’s nomination committee, Ramsay Brufer.

“As a successor to him, the nomination committee propose Gunilla Fransson. She has a long and wide experience from technology companies where she has worked actively with issues related to strategy, growth and change. After nine years as a board member, Gunilla Fransson has also a good knowledge of Net Insight.”

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