Swisscom launches new TV platform

swisscom-tv-wlanboxSwisscom has launched a new TV user interface, dubbed Entertainment OS3, that includes access to additional content, personalisation features, the organisation of content around 20 themes and a variety of other features.

The new service offers 20 themed ‘worlds’ with access to current, upcoming and past programmes, videos and content on demand via pay TV service Teleclub and relevant apps.

Viewers can select content according to format – programmes, series or films –or genre – comedy, nature and travel, mystery and so on – and they can arrange their favourite themed worlds in any order they like. At the next level of the menu, viewers are offered the most relevant choices based on their personal channel list, according to Swisscom.

The service includes new apps, including Sky from the end of November and Swisscom myCloud, which allows users to upload photos and home media to the home screen.

The new offering includes enhanced content search and discovery, with a voice-enabled remote to assist search.

Swisscom said that the rollout of the new UI would be complete by November 24.

Swisscom is also rolling out a new WLAN Box comprising WLAN repeater, WLAN access point and TV connection kit. The box will be available to users from December for CHF79.

“Customers want to surf fast and securely at home and away. They also want access to more and more providers, and more and more content while still enjoying easy searching and viewing on their TVs. And that’s exactly what we let them do,” says Dirk Wierzbitzki, head of products and marketing and member of the group executive board.

Swisscom’s TV offering has undergone a number of iterations over the years. The operator was originally an anchor customer for Microsoft’s TV platform. Three years ago, as part of the ‘Swisscom TV 2.0’ upgrade of the service, it rolled out Android TV-based boxes with software provided by iWedia, more recently turning to 3 Screen Solutions to provide software for the TV 2.0 offering.



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