Eleven Sports streams basketball over Facebook and Twitter

Real Madrid - Barcelona. Victor Carretero & Doncic KoponenEleven Sports partnered with ACB Liga Endesa to live stream last night’s Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona basketball match on Facebook and Twitter.

The coverage marked the first time that this basketball fixture had been streamed live on the social networks across a number of Eleven Sports markets.

On Facebook the match was available in Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan and the US, while on Twitter it was available in the US and Belgium.

Belgium, Italy, and the US also had local language commentary, in line with Eleven’s broader strategy to localise content by market.

The move comes after Eleven Sports partnered with Twitter to live stream Ivy League Football in the US in October and November 2017.

“We have seen some excellent results from our Ivy League Football live streams on Twitter in the US and we are delighted to strike this latest partnership to ensure we continue to deliver exciting content to fans in innovative ways,” said Danny Menken, group managing director, Eleven Sports.

“Our aim is to bring sport to fans everywhere in ways that they want to consume it. This partnership helps us achieve that while also providing a fantastic opportunity for Eleven Sports and the ACB to reach new, diverse audiences, including those with a low barrier to entry.”