MTG apologises after misconduct investigation

European broadcaster and digital business MTG has apologised after an internal investigation into misconduct allegations.

The investigation into a senior manager found that management at Sweden-based company had lacked leadership in dealing with the allegations.

Former employees, consultants and current staff were interviewed over the allegations, and employee surveys conducted between 2013 and 2016 were assessed. In total, four people made complaints against the manager.

This showed “the department had a working environment where behaviours that were perceived as offensive had occurred”.

Comments of a sexist nature were said, and the investigation showed that department heads had not acted to combat the situations. Management has acknowledged this, and said that current working conditions at the broadcaster are now much better after its HR team worked to address cultural and specific issues that had been handled badly.

“I was disturbed when former employees contacted me and told me about an unacceptable behavior on the department in question. The fact that the data goes back for some or a few years does not make them less important,” said MTG Nordic Entertainment CEO Anders Jensen.

“These events are in direct contrast to the value base we are currently working on and the MTG we are building for the future. I can conclude from the investigation that the shortcomings found have been unacceptable on several points, but they are not such that they [should] cause changes within the department’s current management.”

This week serious allegations were made against Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor, Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick, Steven Seagal and Louie creator Louie C.K.

The entertainment industry has been engaged in a period of soul-searching after allegations of serious sexual misconduct were made against producer Harvey Weinstein last month.

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