YouTube revamps Kids app with new look and controls

YouTube_Kids_Profiles-Rebrand-UI_USYouTube has updated its YouTube Kids app with new kid profiles to customise a child’s experience of the service and fresh parental controls.

Parents can now set each of their children up with their own profile and the app will tailor content based on a child’s age.

The app will look different for different aged kids, with young children faced with less text and older children able to choose from more content on the home screen.

The new parent sign-up process will give adults detailed information to help them “make the right choices for your family before your kids use the app”.

“Remember, our systems work hard to filter out more mature content from the app. But no system is perfect,” said YouTube in a blog post.

“If you find a video that you think should not be in the app, you can block it and flag it for review. This helps make YouTube Kids better for everyone.”

YouTube Kids is now live in 37 countries, has more than 70 billion views in the app, and more than 11 million weekly active viewers.

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