Pay TV only subs on the slide as SVOD-only base rises

AmperePay TV-only subscribers are continuing to decline, while the number of people who only take subscription video-on-demand services is increasing, according to Ampere Analysis’s latest Barometer.

Ampere’s latest Barometer bulletin, focusing on cord-stacking – individuals creating their own ‘bundles’ made up of various OTT services – in 11 countries, found that the number of consumers taking SVOD only grew to 17% in Q3, up from 14% for the three months to June, while the number taking pay TV services only fell from 28% to 26%.

The proportion taking both OTT TV and pay TV subscriptions was stable quarter-on-quarter at 38%.

In Australia, SVOD-only homes made up the highest proportion of homes with subscription services. In the 10 other countries surveyed, the proportions varied. In the US, nearly half of all subscriber homes have pay TV and SVOD, while in France almost half of subscriber homes take pay TV only.

Ampere surveyed 23,000 respondents in 11 markets in Q3.

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