DTG outlines latest UK TV requirements in D-Book 10

DTG_D-Book_10The DTG has released D-Book 10, the latest specification for UK television that is designed to enable to the continuing transition towards HbbTV.

D-Book 10 is an industry determined, next-generation specification, which supports future interactive services and marks an update to D-Book 9.

Among the updates contained in D-Book 10 is the introduction of Single Frequency Network (SFN) support for the migration of COM 7&8 T2 multiplexes into the 700 MHz band.

An ‘IP Software Upgrade Option’ has also been included in response to manufacturer requirements for software upgrades to today’s complex TVs, avoiding the need for SSU Broadcast updates.

“The DTG team thanks all of our members whose hard work has contributed to D-Book 10,” said Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO of the DTG.

“Open, democratic and supportive of public policy, the DTG’s D-Book is continually updated and peer-reviewed by industry experts, to help drive the UK TV market towards innovation and deliver real economic value in our industry.”

“It stipulates the specifications for every new TV and digital terrestrial television (DTT) receiver in the UK and protects both viewer and industry. We’ve been driving industry collaboration for more than twenty years and I’d like to thank the industry for its continued support and commitment to ensuring innovation and development which delivers a great experience for consumers.”

Klaus Illgner, chair of the HbbTV Association, said: “The HbbTV association would like to congratulate DTG on the publication of D-Book 10 and its continued support for HbbTV 2.0.1. We believe the planned development of a code of practice for the implementation of interactive services will greatly benefit the quality of HbbTV services in the UK and beyond.”

The DTG is a UK collaboration centre for innovation in digital media technology. It was set up in 1995 to look after the digital TV marketplace and it underpins the free-to-air platforms Freeview, Freesat and YouView.

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