Pimax 8K backing passes US$3m in VR funding milestone

Pimax_8KVirtual reality company Pimax claims to have the “most funded VR project on Kickstarter ever” after backing for its Pimax 8K headset passed US$3 million over the weekend.

As of this morning, Pimax has received pledges of US$3.2 million for the Pimax 8K, far surpassing the US$2.4 million that Oculus originally raised on the crowd-funding platform back in 2012.

Shanghai-based Pimax launched its funding campaign in September with an initial goal of raising US$200,000, and in the past week alone it has seen pledges jump from US$2 million to more than US$3 million.

The Pimax 8K headset is designed to offer 200° field of vision (FOV), which is close to natural human FOV of 220°, as well as a 4K-resolution (3840×2160) screen for each eye.

Pimax claims the Ultra HD resolution cuts down the grainy ‘screen door’ effect experienced in other virtual reality headsets, offering a “world of clarity”.

The headset is also designed to support eye tracking and other new technologies like wireless connectivity.

In the past month Pimax has been demoing the Pimax 8K at events in San Francisco, Toronto, New York and Amsterdam.

Its crowd-funding campaign closes this week and the Pimax 8K headset is due to start shipping to supporters in January 2018.

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