Ampere: online video watched more in US than Europe

Ampere_Analysis_Oct_17_online_us_vs_europeUS internet users are more likely to watch online video across a range of devices than their European counterparts, according to Ampere Analysis.

The research firm said that the number of people who watch online video on smart TVs at least monthly is 66% in the US, compared to 61% in Europe.

The proportion who watch online video on smartphones monthly is 61% in the US compared to 54% in Europe.

Meanwhile for tablets the figure is 43% in the US and 40% in Europe.

“People in the US are also more likely to watch online video on a daily basis, particularly on a smart TV,” according to the research.

The report found that, in the third quarter of this year, 30% of US internet users watched video on their smartphone daily, compared to 21% in Europe.

However, while the proportion of daily viewers in the US is larger, growth here has plateaued, while in Europe slow growth is continuing.

Some 16% of internet users in the US and 10% in Europe said they ‘strongly agree’ that online video services are now the main way they watch TV and film.

“The number of global households with subscription streaming video on demand services continues to grow,” said Daniel Gadher, senior analyst at Ampere Analysis.

“In fact, SVoD is becoming the main way many people enjoy movie and TV content in a relatively short space of time. As operators work hard to expand the viewing choices by investing in high quality content, this trend will only expand.”

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