New app Flixsnip to target family audience with short-form VOD

International movie channel provider Eurocinema’s founders Sebastien and Jacques Perioche have unveiled a new mobile-focused short-form content app, Flixsnip, which will launch on December.

Sebastian Perioche

Sebastien Perioche

Speaking to DTVE at MIPCOM, Sebastien Perioche said that the service, which will be available globally, would offer a mix of family-focused entertainment, with 30 new hours of content added each month. Flixsnip will focus on one-off short movies rather than episodic series, he said.

Perioche said Flixsnip would be “a service for people that have busy lifestyles” but would be interested in viewing short-form content on the move or at home on a range of devices. The service will be offered in partnership with telecom operators and other distributors such as social media platforms and streaming device providers.

Perioche said that the 30 hours added to the service each month would be curated and offered in a way that makes it easy for users to find content, with a range of genre categories providing guidance.

Perioche said that Flixsnip would offer a global content line-up with English subtitles and localisation options available. He said he expected the service to be offered as part of a mobile or multi-play bundle rather than sold à la carte. Consumers will be able to download the app on their phone or other device and create a user name and password to access the content.

He said the target market for the app would be 30-plus adults with families rather than the millennial audience targeted by other short-form initiatives such as Vivendi’s Studio+ or Black Pills.

Perioche said he was in talks with about 10-15 potential distribution partners.

An earlier version of this story said Flixsnip would add 30 titles each month. This has now been corrected. 

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