RTVE plans DVB-T2 multiplex for 4K UHD

Spanish public broadcaster RTVE plans to develop a DVB-T2 multiplex for 4K UHD content, building on an existing experimental mux to cover 80% of the country’s population from 2020.

Pere Vila, director of innovation, technology and systems, RTVE, speaking at the MIPCOM event in Cannes, said that RTVE is operating an experimental DVB-T2 multiplex in a number of cities with 4K content available. He said the goal is to have a multiplex up and running in Spain’s main cities, covering about 80% of the population. This will hopefully kick off in 2020 to coincide with the second digital dividend associated with T2 migration, he said.

French media regulator the CSA earlier this year unveiled details of a similar plan to take advantage of DVB-T2 migration in France, creating a new multi-city multiplex that could be used to launch UHD services.

Vila said that RTVE is also making content available in 4K, with and without HDR, via HbbTV.

RTVE is starting to convert its existing library of content shot in 35mm to 4K to preserve it for its archive, and is also preparing its storage facilities to handle 4K content. “We are changing the standards to store content in 4K,” he said.

Vila said that a considerable amount of content had been shot in 35mm, both films and series. He said that the broadcaster wanted to convert an hour of content each week to 4K and to make it available via HbbTV.

“It is important to preserve our content in the best format available,” he said.

The broadcaster recently broadcast the Relevo Solemne de la Guardia Real – the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace in Madrid – in HDR via the Hispasat satellite position, which Vila said was one of the first HDR broadcasts in Europe.

Vila said that RTVE also plans to produce a film about La Reina Sofia museum this year, along with films about Segovia, Salamanca and Santiago de Compostela, and other World heritage cities in Spain, and a performance of Parsifal, to be filmed in both HDR10 and Dolby HDR.

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