Croatian Telecom: TV is key to convergence

Convergence is happening in central and eastern Europe and consumption of content on mobile phones is central to the trend , according to Richard Breskovic, director of marketing at Deutsche Telekom-owned Croatian operator T-Hrvatski Telekom.

Richard Breskovic

Richard Breskovic

Speaking at Digital TV CEE in Budapest, Breskovic told attendees that the Croatian telco had seeen customer satisfaction increase by 25-30% when products are bundled together.

Breskovic said that T-Hrvatski Telekom looks at different categories of customer to see how best to provide bundled services. Customers are targeted with different offerings, but TV is common to all bundles. “For every customer…the one thing that is always very personal to them is TV,” he said.

Breskovic said that the appeal of TV is not only about the choice and availability of content but about the experience of accessing and using it. OTT TV services are “something customers really appreciate”, he said, especially with zero rating for mobile data. This enables consumers to view content wherever they want. Breskovic said that customers are also “really becoming fussy” in terms of what they demand from service providers, counting all channels on the service and demanding access to recordings on multiple devices.

“Every [converged customer] is primarily a TV customer,” said Breskovic.

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