Kwesé TV adds free bouquet to offering

Kwesé SportEconet Media-owned African pay TV outfit Kwesé has added a new bouquet of free-to-air channels to its offering.

According to the company, the Kwesé Free bouquest will feature at least five channels that aare usually only available to pay TV users. These include the Kwese Free Sports Channel which offers live sports games from the English Premier League and NBA basketball.

The free bouquet will also provide general entertainment, news and some religious channels to users with a Kwesé set-top box. The company said it would also offer national free-to-air channels as part of its free tier.

Customers who use the Kwesé Free boutique will have the option to watch an additional 70 channels by simply buying a three, seven or 30-day window using their mobile phone.

“We believe that once you purchase a decoder it belongs to you. Instead of switching you off completely if you haven’t paid for a subscription, we are offering viewers the free bouquet. We see the concept as a simple one, why should owning a decoder be any different from owning a mobile phone? Once you purchase it, it belongs to you and it should be something you can use whether or not you choose to pay for our service,” said Econet Media Group CEO and President Joseph Hundah.

“Kwesé is a versatile offering which meets the needs of both viewers who choose our full Kwesé TV bouquet and those looking for a way to experience the very best free-to-air offering on the continent. We are giving customers more than what they have ever had before, in terms of content and value for money.”

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