YouTube updates Studio app

YouTube StudioYouTube has renamed its Creator Studio app to YouTube Studio and is adding new features like the ability to schedule video uploads from mobile.

YouTube will let users pick the time and date for a video to be uploaded – and set whether it should be public, private or unlisted – from the revamped Studio app.

It is also adding a prominent ‘subscriber count card’ at the top of the app so that YouTube users can easily monitor their subscriber numbers.

In the coming months YouTube said it will let video makers pin comments, and to flag their favourite comments with ‘creator hearts’, from within the app.

“We’ll also be doubling down on adding more helpful tips to grow your channel in the YouTube Studio app very soon,” said YouTube product manager, Jacquelle Amankonah Horton.

“With over 1.5 billion logged-in users a month, we want to give you the best tools to reach them – and do it on your own time.”

YouTube said the Studio app improvements are part of efforts announced at VidCon earlier this year to build better creator tools across desktop and mobile.

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