YouSee rewarding multi-play customers with flexible benefits

TDC YouSee benefitsTDC-owned multi-play service YouSee has unveiled a new packaging structure designed to provide more flexibility and a wider range of options for customers.

Dubbled YouSee More, the offering will enable multi-play customers to mix and match a variety of TV options and other services as they choose.

Customers that take two out of the three services out of TV, fixed-broadband or mobile w ill be able to choose up to three flexible packages or ‘benefits’, while customers that take all three services will be able to choose up to five packages or benefits.

YouSee is making nine packages or benefits available on this basis initially, includining TV4’s premium pay TV service C More, YouSee Premiere, Pling Lite, YouSee Music, Book Mate, Nick Jr Play. Other benefits available as part of the choice include an online security package, the choice of being able to double up on mobile data and

The programme is being rolled out to multi-play customers in a phased way. YouSee will contact its customers over the next six months offer them the combination of products that suits them, the company said.

Jaap Postma, YouSee CEO, said that YouSee More would provide a flexible series of additional benefits to reward multi-play customers at no extra cost.

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