Telekom Austria to rebrand all its operations under A1 marque

Telekom Austria TAG_ArsenalTelekom Austria is to use its domestic market A1 brand across all its operations in a phased operation that will ultimately see its over 24 million customers consume services via a single brand.

The operator said that the rebranding decision was based on “extensive analysis of the market environment and the branding landscape” that identified the potential and strengths of A1 as an international brand covering all convergence and ICT products – mobile, fixed, TV, data and cloud solutions as well as OTT services.

“A1 is perceived by our customers as particularly responsible, reliable and forward-looking. A1 aspires to deliver a total customer experience by connecting people, places and things with solutions that enrich the experience of work, life and play in the digital age. The brand system of A1 is flexible enough for being universally applicable while at the same time enabling international consistency as well as satisfying individual and local needs,” said Alejandro Plater, CEO and COO of the Telekom Austria Group.

“In the fragmented European telecommunications markets, the Telekom Austria Group aims at fostering its perception as a powerful international company by means of a unified brand. At present, even the Group’s own companies alone count more than ten different brands. This underlines the need for investing all bundled efforts in one strong unified market presence.”

Telekom Austria operates in multiple markets in central and eastern Europe, offering multiplay services under brands including Vipnet in Croatia, Blizoo in Bulgaria, Amis in Slovenia, Vip Operator in Macedonia and Altant Telekom in Belarus.

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