TF1 secures Formula 1 rights

TF1 logoFrench broadcaster TF1 Group has secured a multi-year deal to include Formula 1 in its line-up of sports content for the next three seasons.

The agreement will take effect from the beginning of the 2018 season. TF1 will offer coverage of four Grand Prix races in the clear and in their entirety, including the French Grand Prix and Grand Prix de Monaco.

TF1 will cover the competition across different channels, notably in its Automoto show presented by Denis Brogniart and Rendez-vous Sport with Gregoire Margotton.

Ï am delighted with return of Formula 1 to TF1 which, along with the transmission contract already in force in France, will contribute greatly to the position of this sport in the market,”said TF1 CEO Gilles Pelisson.

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