Verimatrix highlights new growth areas

Verimatrix is highlighting three key growth products at IBC – Verspective RT, Verimatrix Secure Cloud and Vtegrity for the Internet of Things.

Verspective RT is described by SVP of marketing Steve Christian as a component of the company’s overall analytics solution, based on its acquisition and rebranding of Genius Digital’s Mirimon technology in July.

While Verimatrix is focusing partly on Quality of Service and Experience measurements, bringing back data from set-top boxes to analyse issues and errors and diagnose problems, Christian said the rebrand links this activity with “the rest of the analytics world which is less about real time but about analyzing trends in viewership of movies and so on over time.”

Christian said that Verimatrix has the ability to analyse the health of a QAM set-top as well as performance of the app on an iPad. The company also has the ability because of its content security legacy to monitor for General Data Protection Regulation requirements. “The whole security part has been missed by the first gene of monitoring [solutions],” he said.

Verimatrix is also highlighting Secure Cloud – security as a service – at IBC.

The company can sell a perpetual licence or a subscription for its content security products. It now has the ability to host the entire solution and provide it as a service to operators. “Now we can run the software in our environment rather than on the customer cloud. We can do it in a managed facility on behalf of the customer, which does not have to build or buy a data centre or have an Amazon account,” said Christian.

He said that hosting and a subscription model would appeal primarily to new customers. Under this model the cost to an operator of securing their content moves from a capital expenditure item to an operating expense.

Verimatrix is also moving into security for Internet of Things applications with Vtegrity.

“We need to look to different markets for the next phase of growth,” said Christian. He said Verimatrix had to be careful about how to expand into a new industrial segment that is very different from its traditional pay TV market. However, he said that Verimatrix’s legacy as a ‘’revenue security” provider would put it in good stead, and that at the end of the day the IoT was primarily about securing applications that are linked to devices in the real world, just like pay TV.

Christian said that Verimatrix already has good relationships with silicon vendors and has a legacy in providing hardware routes of trust and experience in providing a certification structure for devices.

Verimatrix is exhibiting at IBC on stand 5.A59

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