Deutsche Telekom taps Netflix, Fox+, UFA for EntertainTV

deutsche telekom-logo-roofDeutsche Telekom is adding Ultra HD support and direct access to Netflix to its EntertainTV offering, along with a raft of new content from the likes of Fox.

Deutsche Telekom’s new Ultra HD-ready MR 401 media receiver will provide EntertainTV customers with direct access to Netflix following its launch this autumn, with the release accompanying a major content push by the firm.

For the first time the operator, which already boasts exclusive sports rights, has taken German premiere rights to three major new TV series – dystopian drama The Handmaid’s Tale, Canadian crime series Cardinal and comedy Better Things.

Deutsche Telekom has also secured the German launch rights to Fox Networks Group Europe and Africa’s on-demand service, Fox+, giving EntertainTV viewers access to more than 50 seasons of shows like The Walking Dead, Prison Break and 24.

On top of this, a new partnership with German film and television production company UFA adds a wide selection of German movies and made-for-TV films to the service.

“Deutsche Telekom sees itself as an aggregator on the media market – we bring together the best content on our TV platform so that we can offer our customers the best package,” said Deutsche Telekom’s head of consumer, Michael Hagspihl.

“Combining superior technology, strong partners and exclusive content is crucial to achieving that aim. With television in Ultra High Definition, Netflix and Fox as well as our exclusive top series, we are taking the next step and underline our leadership in the German TV market.”

Deutsche Telekom’s new Ultra HD-ready MR 401 media receiver will provide EntertainTV customers with direct access to Netflix following its launch this autumn.

The MR 401 set-top box launch means Ultra HD content from other content providers like Videoland, YouTube, Sky and Insight TV will also be available through EntertainTV.

The FOX+ deal establishes Deutsche Telekom as the first German partner to launch the non-linear service, which is already available in France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Greece – with more launches due to follow before the end of the year.

“As we bring FOX+ to another key territory, the results we are seeing from the product are surpassing our expectations, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with Deutsche Telekom, the leading telco in the region, for our debut in Germany,” said Diego Londono, chief operating officer, Fox Networks Group Europe and Africa.

MGM-produced The Handmaid’s Tale, Sienna Films and eOne Entertainment’s Cardinal, and FX Productions, Pig Newton and 3 Arts Entertainment co-produced Better Things will be available on EntertainTV starting October 4.The Fox+ catalogue will launch at the same time.

Deutsche Telekom said that all EntertainTV customers will be able to access UHD content on demand, but only customers with a MagentaZuhause L rate plan and download speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s will be able to watch UHD live.

Deutsche Telekom announced the news at the IFA technology trade show in Berlin. Entertain TV is an IP-delivered multiscreen TV service from Deutsche Telekom, which offers content live and on-demand and to the TV through a set-top box.

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