UPC Switzerland launches in Lausanne

Residents of Lausanne in Switzerland can now access all of the services of Liberty Global-owned cable operator UPC through their local fibre network.

The launch extends the reach of UPC Switzerland’s services to a further 90,000 homes.

Eric Tveter

Eric Tveter

UPC said that the launch highlighted the importance that French-speaking part of Switzerland pays in its activities. It said the launch strengthened its position in the region significantly.

UPC trailed the move in June, naming Lausanne ad the first city to be addressed by a new initiative that would see it reach an additional 200,000 homes outside its own network through partnerships by the end of 2018.

In addition to teaming up with local fibre operators, UPC is accelerating investment in its own fibre network. The company’s Autostrada investment programme saw it add 50,000 homes in Switzerland and Austria to its footprint last year.

“As a national operator, it is our responsibility to offer our services to the citizens of the fifth largest city in Switzerland and I am very pleased about the development of our activities in French-speaking Switzerland,” said UPC Central Europe CEO Eric Tveter.

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