Tricolor TV highlights battle against piracy in Russia

Russian pay TV operator Tricolor TV says it was instrumental in blocking 520 pirate internet resources in the first half of this year, leading to 10 criminal cases and 10 ‘administrative’ legal cases.

The pay TV operator said that, on its initiative, Russian law enforcement officer seized more than 90 pieces of equipment used for pirating content, including 62 pirate receivers, 23 smartcards, three personal computers and other equipment.

Tricolor TV said that 10 criminal cases were opened in Russia and other CIS countries, of which four came to court, leading to convictions in the case of three.

The pay TV operator said that the 520 internet sites blocked represented an increase of 10.6% on last year’s figure. It said that, since 2014, more than 2,500 sites have been blocked.

Separately, Tricolor TV said that inspections were carried out involving 11 cable and IPTV operators that allegedly had been retransmitting its content illegally in the first half of 2017.

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