Africanews launches iOS app

africanewsEuronews’ African channel Africanews has launched an iOS app, offering free access to all news published on the website and live TV.

The app, available for iPhones and iPads, offers push notifications for breaking news, the Africanews live stream, a constantly updated timeline, a selection of global news, highlighted videos with thematic playlists, Tweets and videos, and live blogs.

The service also comes with a Data Savings feature to help minimize data consumption and an offline mode.

Euronews said that an Android version would be launched soon.

“Since its launch, we have positioned Africanews as a news platform dedicated to the challenges and opportunities of a Digital Africa. Today, I’m delighted to announce the launch of the app for Apple devices,” said Euronews CEO and Africanews president Michael Peters.

“The iOS app complements our bilingual digital services, with our website, our YouTube channels, and our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Besides the app enables news from a sub-Saharan perspective to spread even more around the world, we have also designed Africanews app specifically for our African audience who can choose the means through which they want to be informed, from Breaking News push notifications to TV in live streaming.”

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