Witbe launches cloud-based monitoring service

Quality of Experience monitoring outfit Witbe has launched a cloud-based monitoring service for OTT TV.

The service, based on the offering already adopted on premises by Witbe customers, can be delivered via Witbe’s Galilei reference networks from points around the world including San Jose, Denver, Montreal, New York, Paris and Singapore.

According to Witbe, the cloud-based monitoring service will enable customers to deliver key performance indicators with greater accuracy thanks to removing monitoring from third-party hosting, will enable them to follow the evolution of the performance of a service, regardless of the stability of the network used to verify the measures, to know the quality of an OTT service by reducing the number of intermediate networks used during measurements, and to provide monitoring for specific KPIs to operators and broadcasters with no investment in infrastructure required.

Witbe operates its own IP network dedicated to monitoring its customers’ digital services’ performance.

“Right from the beginning, we were convinced that we could not measure a service’s variations of quality, using a network with random performances. It was crucial to have our own network, to establish a frame of reference with constant measurements. We completely control the performances of our reference network Galilei, and it is especially adapted for OTT video measures. Witbe is proving its unique expertise on the market and its desire to assist tis clients in their daily challenge to deliver all their services with the best Quality of Experience possible,” said Marie-Véronique Lacaze, president and CEO.

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