Verimatrix acquires MiriMON from Genius Digital

Content security specialist Verimatrix has acquired Genius Digital’s MiriMON client data collection technology, along with the development team responsible for the product.

The MiriMON technology has already been integrated within VErimatrix’s Verspective Operator Analytics platform and ViewRight Ultra downloadable app packages.

As a part of Verspective, the technology provides real-time service quality and customer experience visibility at the device level, as well as enabling the Verspective platform to provide insight for next-generation video services, according to the company.

Verimatrix said that this acquisition will enable a closer alignment between MiriMON and Verspective and its security foundations and give Verimatrix full control over the roadmaps for the core data collection technology and service dashboard displays.

According to Verimatrix, clent devices offer a a detailed view of live and on-demand consumption, as well as subscriber/device interactions, complementing Verspective’s ability to extract data from services, CDNs and security and content management systems.

Tom Munro

Tom Munro

The Verspective client data collection technology enables a secure source of return path data for both linear and adaptive bitrate services to a scalable data collection resource that can either be cloud-based, virtualised or server-hosted, the company said.

Along with the data collection technology, Verimatrix will add a new core analytics engineering team that will be based in a development center in Bristol in the UK.

Verimatrix said it will continue its long-standing partnership with Genius Digital with a focus on expanding the applications of Genius Digital’s Insight and Analytics services, enabling both data-driven subscriber analytics and enhanced advertising services.

“This is a natural addition to our Verspective Operator Analytics solution, which offers subscriber intelligence tools that emphasize data security and integrity as a foundation for actionable intelligence. We see the real-time client data as a key piece to help our customers gain a holistic picture of how their services are performing and how subscribers are interacting with those services. We are excited to advance our Verspective solution and reinforce our relationship with Genius Digital,” said Tom Munro, CEO of Verimatrix.

“We are convinced that data security will be key to enabling the data-driven pay TV operator and we are delighted that our data collection technology will continue to be integrated as part of the Verspective Operator Analytics suite. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Verimatrix to provide actions from data to TV service providers worldwide,” said Tom Weiss, CEO of Genius Digital.

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