Mediapro launches into VR gaming

Flipy.Pose1Spanish broadcaster and producer Mediapro has teamed up with audiovisual producer 100 Balas and Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain to launch itself into the world of virtual reality with a VR video game, Flipy’s Tesla! Inventemos el Futuro.

The three companies have teamed up, within the framework of the PlayStation Talents Alliances – a programme to stimulate the development of Spanish video games – create a VR experience designed to stimulate scientific curiosity, according to MediaPro.

Leading particle physicist and CERN researcher Javier Santaolalla acted as a consultant for the project, which was supported by Creations, an educational innovation project funded by the EC.

Flipy’s Tesla! Inventemeos el Futuro was developed by Animatoon Studio and will be made exclusively available for PlayStation VR later this year.

The game will be unveiled at the Gamelab Barcelona event on June 28, with a playable demo.

Mediapro said that it had already developed VR projects related to museum spaces, but that this was its first entry into the video game arena.

100 Balas has previously produced audiovisual titles including Chiringuito de Pepe, Olmos y Robles and eSports Generation.

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