Dataxis: 22% of TVs sold in Europe last year were 4K

Dataxis_4K_tv_sales_graph-3-PR-4kSales of 4K TVs represented 22% of the overall European TV market in 2016, up from just 10% of TV sales in 2015, according to Dataxis.

The research firm said that nearly 12 million 4K TVs were sold in Europe during 2016, representing year-on-year growth of 102%. It estimates this figure will grow to 17 million at the end of full-year 2017.

Last year European 4K TV sales were driven by the UK (2 million sold), Germany (2 million), France (1.7 million), Russia (1.4 million) and Italy (880 000), according to the research.

Dataxis said that it expects 4K sales in Europe to “continue to increase rapidly”, but noted that the 4K TV market still lags behind leader China.

“More than 25 million 4K TV have been sold in China in 2016 and Dataxis estimates that 40% of TV shipments were 4K for the first quarter of 2017 against 33% for year 2016,” according to the report.

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